1992 Opened Kodansha Children's art school classes in Aomori
  Kodansha Children Painting festival - Special award
1993 TV Commercial picture original illustration production (Aomori Broadcaster)
1995 Kodansha Art Contest - Special award 
1996 Exhibition of Contemporary Children paintings (Tokyo Are Museum)*
   *Continuous exhibiter still 2007. 
1998 RAB Academy  Formative classes for children in Aomori - Instructor
1999 Decorating & Illustrating/Poem book [Forest of Stars] (Shichoucha)
2001 York Culture Centre at Hirosaki

Art Studio for Children in Aomori - Instructor

  Kodansha Animal Illustration Contest - Award of excellence
  Sea Firefly & Marin Creature Illustration Contest - Award
  Aomori Broadcaster Commercial campaign spot - Original illustration production
2004 Kodansha Grand Prix picture for children illustration book - Award
  Gallery Art Born Contest - Blue Flower Prize
2005 Kodansha Art Contest - Special award
  Gallery Art Born Contest - Blue Wind award

Kodansha Grand Prix picture for Children illustration book - Award


Poet&Illustration book [Winter day] (Manual House)


Decorating & Illustrating / Essay book [One apple] (Choeisha)

  Ja Millet Gallery Group exhibition (Tokyo, Ginza)
2007 Ja Millet Gallery Group exhibition (Tokyo, Ginza)
2008 [Winter day] Original Illustration exhibition (Nagano, Azumino)
2009 [Winter day] Original illustration exhibition (South Korea,  Daejeon)
2010 Tohoku Woman University [Children's literature] - Part-time lecturer
2011 [Snow Fantasy] Exhibition (Tokyo, Koganei)

[Contemporary Children illustration exhibition] (Ueno Forest Museum)


Picture & Essay / [Wind's cabinet] (Mutsushinpo) 


[Wind's cabinet - Landscape with Children] Exhibition (Tokyo, Kokubunji)


Decorating & Illustrating/ poem book [Forest of singers] (Hokuhoshinsha)


Exhibition will be held at Hirosaki, Aomori